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Christ the King


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Blessed Mother

Our Candles

Our 51% beeswax candles are 1.5 inches in diameter and 9 inches tall..  

They burn at a rate of 3.6 to 4.6 hours per inch.  That means if you burn them briefly while you pray or sing in celebration on a baptismal date, the candles should last a life time. The candles themselves are great for long time burning, but the purpose is to use them as an ongoing reminder of the person's birth into the life of the Trinity.   

Celebrate Baptism!

Baptism is our adoption into the family of God, an incredible gift and a key moment of life when we are freed of sin and filled with God’s grace.  Baptism leads to all other Sacraments where we continue to be nourished by God’s Church.  At each baptism a blessed candle is lit from the Paschal candle, the great symbol of Christ in every Catholic church.  The little light of the baptismal candle is brought home but too often forgotten.

Many cultures cherish the baptismal candle as the sign of that great birth into the family of God.  The candle accompanies the person to the rest of their Sacraments and they are brought out each year to celebrate the baptismal date, Christmas, Candlemas and Easter. 

Our artisanal candles are personalized, liturgical quality, 51 % beeswax that will help families remember the incredible gift of baptism.  There are seven Christological themes from which to choose.  Each candle comes in a protective tube with a votive holder and suggestions for implementing annual baptismal celebrations into your family tradition.  The candle is a beautiful and perpetual gift, a perfect gift from grandparents or god parents.